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Just some pics I found on my camera.

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Wow what an expensive meal.


I don't think I've ever even treated myself to meal this expensive. Both fish died as did my acanthurus Bariene tang. It ate the Bariene first but couldn't keep it down so it then went after the Sohal. All in all this "meal" set me back $150 for the Sohal, $130 for the angler, and $219 for the Bariene. Remember when I wanted to sell my other angler? I mentioned all that then.


Since that anemone looks so cool I figured I'd add a pic of it since you can see it in the background of the above picture.

A picture of the Efflo I got from Aquadome


It was all brown with some dead spots on it when I got it. This is a pic about 2 weeks after putting it in the tank. It's all actinic light as I took it late at night just messing around. It was about 4" across when I got it and it's now about 6".

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I remember that expensive meal...it right after you bought those damsels from me. I guess they are definitely fish to keep in species specific tanks. Beautiful critters though!


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