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(4) 110W T12 VHOs with ballast 46.5 inch


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Howdy folks! I just upgraded to (6) T5 lights, so I dont need these (4) 46.5 inch 110w VHOs anymore. They come with the ARO ballast, cords, endcaps and reflector, ready to go. I bought these bulbs in August or September (I will find the receipt) and they have run every day for 7 hrs. I had these on my 90gallon Oceanic, but my opinion is that they just dont do the job for SPS. Mushooms, some zoos and star polyps, no problems though.

The light kit without the bulbs is $180, with the bulbs its $267 on hellolights. I have the (2) URI 10k Aquasuns and (2) of the Super Actinics.

Now for the subjective section of my sale. I have heard some folks say that these types of lights are good for 6 months. If thats the case, the color spectrum has shifted and they should be replaced. Some folks say they last a year, which would mean these bulbs have 6 months of life left. Seeing that I run them for 7 hours a day, I hope its the latter. I only bring this up so that you can make an infomed decision. I think the bulbs look fine, just not as bright as (6) T5s :)

I would like to get $200, but dont be afraid to shoot me a PM with an offer. The weight scale is not included.




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