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what gives... neon green blue mili?


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Ive noticed a trend that my sps are begining to turn a neon green color. I have a piece of blue and yellow mili that seem to have turned neon green what gives? My water seems to be in check. Lighting is 2x400watt halides. lol also i got a 20 minute lecture from a guy at petco about how my tank isnt up to par and and how i shouldnt be keeping my pokerstar monti in the sand. And how i shouldnt be keeping a tank with sps and lps...says the guy who trys to tell me about how good of a deal 55$ is for a 1" frag of gsp they had.

salinity 1.026

kh 9.5

calcium 420

ph 8.1

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How old are your bulbs? I lost four corals, including a really nice pipe organ, earlier this year when my bulbs shifted on me. The first sign that something was wrong was my corals bleaching to a light neon green like you've described.

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what spectrum are your bulbs?

i believe theyre 10k reflux bulbs. i got them from andrew about 2 months ago. when i got them he said they were practically brand new

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AndrewT......are those the millis you got from me? If so, I've notice on my main tank most blues, purples and pink acros/milli show their true colors under 14K MH. When I had them on the frag tank (which I have 14K 150W double ended), they started to turn brown and lost some of the coloration. Anything that I bring into the main tank (which I have SPS 14K 400W mogul base) turns out beautifully colorful. I think is has to do with the lighting wattage,spectrum and age of the bulb as well.

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