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corals for trade

don duncan

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I have several coral frags that I would like to trade.

Pictures not that good. Took them with my cell phone

1. 2.5 inch frag of Pink milli with multi branches


2. 1.5 inch frag of Green slimer

Left of the milli

3. 1 inch frag of brown Monti

4. 1 inch frag of red monti

5. Green Star polyps

6. Xenia

7. Pom Pom xenia

8. Anthelia

9. small frags of cali blue tort. This is a picture of the mother colony. They broke off


here are the frags


I am looking for stuff that I dont already have.

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Did you get those Armor of Gods at RCA? They had a bunch of frags when I was there Sunday.

It is armor of god.

What is it that you want to trade for?

The Armor of god is not up for trades. Just got it and waiting for it to grow.

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