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something i haveto trade


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ultra float switch

10 amp rated reversible reed switch

ultra life reef product

brand new still in box

h.o.b over flow box brand new

im lookn for cichlids

really dosent matter the breeds i have the tanks for them i would reather have breedn sets or groups, or groups of fry/ babbies

im up to 150 plus tanks now 50? breeds

also i have some cichlids to trade

[email protected] 12545984143 anthony

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the breedn groups that i have that i can rember right now spelling my be off a little.but lookn 4 more diff. breeds of cichlids big 2 small as long as there in groups or 8 to 15 babies that way i can get a couple of breedn groups started

yellow tail acei/Pseudotropheus acei---------babys/adults my group babys soon

red empress/Protomelas taeniolatus 'Red Empress'---------babys/adults my group babys soon

rusties----- my group babys soon

red jewels---------babys/adults my group babys soon

demasoni ------adults my group babys soon

kenyis/Metriaclima lombardoi 'Kennyi'-- my group babys soon

trewavase---------babys/adults my group babys soon

bumblebees/Melanochromis crabro---------babys/adults my group babys soon

firemouths my group babys soon

redheads/syspillum my group babys soon

albino zebras--------- my group babys soon

Red Obliquidens --2 diff. setsmy group babys soon


Peacock OB my group babys soon

red mollrioTropheus my group babys soon

blue dolphin/cyrtocara my group babys soon

texas cichlids 2 tios my group babys soon

Chalinochromis brichardi my group babys soon

Astatotilapia nubilus my group babys soon

frontosa my group babys soon

yellow labs

>>>>>>>>>>>what i have to trade right now<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

yellow tail acies 3/4inch qty....275

cherry red zebras 1 1/4 inch qty25-30

jewels jevniles/full grown qty200 plus

fire mouths fry not ready right yet 1/8 inch need to be 3/4 or 1 inch qty150 plus

b. bees jevniles/full grown qty 60-70

red empress fry/jevniles/ 1 trio qty 250 3/4-1 inch 2 trios

trewavaseas fry/ 2 trios qty 50-601/2 inchers 2trios

redheads 2 trio

zebra obecqlens trio yes its missed spelled**?**but verry nice n colorfull 2 inches

rusties trio full grown

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