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Current USA 24" Fixture


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Current USA Power Compact Fixture -24"

All bulbs fire, built-in ballast and mounting legs included.


Fixture also sports built in moonlights for noctural viewing. Separate plugs for each lamp so you can have the whole fixture on separate timers.

This fixture was growing macro algae in my refugium and growing several frags as well. Could also be used as your main lights in a smaller/frag tank.

Specific Specs:

- Dimensions: 24.75" L x 8.25" W x 4.5" H

- Daylight bulb 6,700k/10,000k: 1 x 65 watt

- Actinic bulb 420nm/460nm: 1 x 65 watt

- No. of Lunar Lights: 2

- Fan: Yes (1)

- No. of Switches: 2

- Total watts: 130

- Total amps: 0.95

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