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Setting up Korallin 1502


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Any of youse have a Korallin 1502 reactor setup and running? I purchased a used one and I'm trying to set it up, but I'm just not getting these instructions. I'm a very visual guy, so if I can see pictures of one setup and how its connected, I can roll. I found the instructions on Korallin's site, but the Ausgang and the Enigang arent labeled on my unit, but I do have the Auslauf and Enlauf labeled. I just dont want to mess this up and would rather wait on some useful info before I goof it.




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I don't have one but I will help best I can.

Water from the tank will enter through the tube that goes all the way to the bottom of the chamber. The exit will come out of the top. I believe Einlauf is your enter and Auslauf is your exit. The second picture is your bubble counter. This is where your CO2 enters.

You will need a CO2 regulator with electronic solenoid, you did not mention if you had one, PH meter that connects to the solenoid, an external pump and a lot of 1/4" hard line tubing.

You push water into the side with the TEE. Water will circulate through the media constantly via the Eheim pump on top. CO2 will enter through the bubble counter and will break down your aragonite media as needed. Your output side will need to be throttled back so it is about a drip coming out. The external pump will push water into the reactor so it does not run dry. Keep in mind that the 2 pumps are separate from each other. The Eheim pump basically only circulates water within the reactor. The Koralin unit does not have an extra chamber to distill the water before it enters the tank. The PH coming out of the unit can be as high as 12 so many people set up a second empty chamber that allows the PH to settle before dripping back into the tank. I've seen others mix it into the skimmer to help aerate it before it moves on to the tank.

I don't know how much this helps you.

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