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Free Livestock

Fernanda Iwashima

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Hi, I live in Manor Tx near Austin and I will need to Move cross-country in 3 weeks. I have 2 Reef tanks. It will be impossible to move with my livestock. I'm looking for help, if some of you guys want some of my Animals I will give them for free. I’m looking for people who really care about animals. 

1 Pair Clown Fish - Orange Storm Male (Finn), Black storm Female (Dot)  (2.4 years old)   (recommend get with at least 1 anemone)
1 Pair Clown Fish - Nearly Naked Male (Dominic), Picasso Female (Margaret) (2 years old) (recommend get with at least 1 anemone)
1 Possum Wrasse - (Glub) (2 Years old)
1 Diamond Goby - (Beth) (3 Years old)
1 Tail Spot Blenny - (Roger Peixoto) (1.5 years old)
3 Pajama Cardinal Fish - (Mario, Luigi and Enzo) (1 year old)
1 Green Wrasse - (Avocado) - (1,5 years old)
2 Neon Blue Goby- (Jhon and Zulu) - Not a pair, need to go on different tanks - (2 years old)
I have around 50 Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones, If you want a full anemone tank I can give a big rock all together . 

1 Blue Ricordea
Lots of PomPom Xenia
1 Rusty Gorgonian
1  Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral
1 Starburst Polyp Rock completely cover 
2 Mini Colony of Zoas (Don't know the name) 
1 Large colony of Green Zoa (Don't know the name) 
3 Green Branching Starburst 
4 Kinds of Mushrooms ( Green with stripes) (Green) (Blue) (Pink)

2 Peppermint Shrimp
1 Harlequin Shrimp ( Hannibal)    
1 Blood Red Fore Shrimp ( Rubio)

Some snails and small Crabs

Local Pic Up, Please contact me if you want photos. 


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My tank hasnt been the same since the crash during the freeze power outages.  Lmk when you move I can come on short notice.  Thanks, James. 5124615750

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