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(SOLD) $200 MEGA-Sump


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Weighing in at 62” x 17” x 22” tall this MASSIVE 100 gallon MEGA-sump has generously oversized compartments to accommodate virtually any configuration of skimmer/refugium/reactors.  The sump flows 60-gallons through six separate chambers when active.

Sump 1.jpg


The MEGA-sump was custom designed to handle a massive volume of overflow from the MEGA-tank stand that I’ve also listed separately for sale.  Check out that listing for a SUPER-MEGA special deal you won't believe!

Sump 2.jpg

1200-GPH Danner Return Pump (MAG-12) IncludedSump 2a.jpgSump 2b.jpg


MEGA-Sump Six-Chamber Design Flow:  Moving from left to right in the image (below)

1 - Water enters into the first chamber from tank overflows ->

2 - spills onto a duel filter sock chamber (splash guard included, not shown in picture) ->

3 - swells up from bottom into the skimmer section (6” tall skimmer stand included) ->

4 - continues through a set of baffles serving as a bubble-trap -> 

5 - flows into a large chamber containing reactor’s-a-plenty (or refugium?) ->

6 - concludes in the final chamber where sanitized water returns to the display tank.

Sump 3.1.jpg

The acrylic skimmer stand shown (below) is included.  It elevates your skimmer into ideal position and provides more flow through the sump.

Sump 4.jpg

+Skimmer:  If you’re looking for an ideal skimmer to pair with this sump, look no further than my listing for the classic recirculating Euroreef RC-135a ($150). It’s a NEWLY-refurbished direct from-the-factory workhorse skimmer that’s a dream to dial into a huge range of tank sizes from 100 gallons to 200+ gallons.

Sump 5.jpg

+Biopellet Reactor: Reef Dynamics BPR-135e ($100).   Shown (below) is the reactor that changed the game on biopellets - Its recirculating design is best-in-class.  Check out my separate listing for more details.




Sump 6.jpg

Go for ALL THREE for a complete MEGA-Sump package deal for only $300 bucks !  This sanctuary of sanitization will keep your reef animals in a state of pure bliss.

Sump 7.jpg


SUPER-MEGA Sump ALL THREE pieces ($450 total value) for only $300!!!

$200-MEGA Sump

+$150-EuroReef 135a Recirculation Skimmer

+$100-Reef Dynamics BPR-135e Recirculating Bio-Pellet Reactor

A $450 total Value, all for only $300

AND THA’S NOT ALL …If you’re looking for a MEGA-tank stand to go with your SUPER-MEGA Sump, check out my separate MEGA-Tank stand listing.  ACT NOW and the stand is yours at no additional cost!

You read right, get BOTH the $300 SUPER-MEGA Sump AND the $200 Mega-Tank Stand sold TOGETHER for a SUPER-MEGA bonus package price of ONLY $300.

That’s a $650 value for only $300 - ACT NOW, this deal won’t last!!!

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