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Green Ricordea yumas


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Alright so I have 2 green ricordea yuma with a dash or purple on the outside that I want to part with. Looking for almost anything minus mushrooms, xenia, kenya trees. Willing to be flexible if there not gone soon. Like other colors of ricordea, frogspawn, hammers, lobos, maybe a frag of lower end sps to try in the new tank? I also need cheato bad! If theres anyone out there with a nice clump of it I'll pay or maybe trade if its decent (needs to get two fuges going!)

Heres the deal breaker though, I might not be avalibe till Sunday :) . If theres mass interest I have a total of six and will part with 4, and would prefer only 1 per person to spread the joy. I will say the colors tend to dull out a little when they get big, but my pcs are fryed, there just in there for when th emh not on.

Pics are always nice :D

And don't forget about that 55g in the Fs if your looking for one (pitch)

Pics are crappy but o well.

They are eattached but barely, so expect to have to mount them :(



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