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Angry xenia


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My xenia looks unhappy today, and I'm not quite sure why. Most everything else looks alright in the tank right now. I've attached pictures of what it normally looks like and what it looks like today. Any suggestions?



Here are my parameters:

pH: 8.2

NO2: 0

CA: 560ppm

KH: 214.8ppm (12 dKH)

PO3: 0

NO3: 5ppm

NH3: 0

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I didn't realize calcium could be too high. We don't dose for it or anything, it just stays between 450 and 550. And we only have two pieces of montipora, everything else is a softy. i've never heard of how to get your calcium down too. Every book I have tells how to raise the CA and KH, never mentions lowering it... Ugh, I don't know what to do.

We put the xenia in our 8 gal biocube last night just to make sure it won't wipe out what is in our main tank. There isn't anything else in the cube so if it does go, there won't be any other casualties. I am gonna try to dirty up the water a little bit just to see.

Thanks for the quick replies!

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