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Live Tonga (33lbs) & 18 Gallon Tall with Eclipse Top


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I pulled most of this out of my sump which is lightless so there are only the normal colorings of the Tonga on the rock...no coraline. I did take a regular piece of rock out of a smaller tank and added a piece from the main tank that has a little coraline and a dark purple sponge growing on it. Asking $75 for it all. Just put it in a tub and took this photo before I moved it. Need it gone quick.

Also selling an approximately 18 gallon tall tank with the eclipse hood on it. I have it set up with a saltwater light (one actinic the other I'm guessing florescent). I have the original light attachment if you want to switch back. Hood has the filter built into it with the bio wheel. Including a heater and a magnet scrubby. I'm moving the sand and rock to my sump. Asking $40 OBO.






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