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135 gal reef tank for sale


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Need to get this tank gone as I have no time for it any more. This tank has been up and running for 5+ years.

135 gal reef ready

30 gal fuge

mag 12 return pump

aqua c skimmer w mag 5 pump

2- 400w MH

1 - 250w MH

4 - t-5 actinics

ro/di system

250-300 lbs LR

Tomini tang

Lunar wrasse

perc clown

dusky jawfish

yellow cucumber

brittle star

Plus you get water change trash cans and all equipment and supplies I have.

Calcium reactor is extra.

In this pic I only have 1 MH turned on and no actinics. Sorry for the ugly tank but have had no time.




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