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Clown fish and handful of cleaner crabs


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Unfortunately I am having to move again.  This time I will not be able to take my fish so I have to rehome.  I have a clown fish, a red leg crab and a few little blue leg (I think) cleaner crabs.  I have to find a home by the 1st.  My little clown has survived a lot experiences with a new salt water owner over the last few years.  He's a tough little guy and I hope he can go to a comfy spot where he can be safe.  This is not an easy choice but I can't take them in a travel trailer.  That would just be cruel.  Please text me if you are interested.  512-753-4753  Jessica00z0z_fnDlS1JUpO4_600x450.jpg00o0o_lqRi1KObHZk_600x450.jpg00303_ktebFQrZVkn_600x450.jpg

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