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55 g tank stand canopy


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post-679-1222201759_thumb.jpg<center>i might have to sell this whole tank set up.

okay... here we go.

55 gallon tank

black matching stand with doors.

wood black canopy with 96 watt actinic light and day light.

electric coralife ballast.

and 6 led blue moonlights with adapter.

one 550 penguin powerhead

one Hydor Koralia 2

a water deflector

red sea prizm protein skimmer

h.o.b filter.

<h2>live stock

<br> <center>

4 juv. clown fish(3 false perc. 1 mis stripe)

3 green chromis

1 twin spot blenny

1 flame angel

1 coral beauty

1 harlequin shrimp

1 long tentacle anemone, clowns love it.

about 100lbs live rock

lots of green star polyps

1 taro tree coral

many zoo's

red shrooms



2 heads frogspawn

1 head hammer

snails...hermit crabs... etc.

i think that might be all...

make me an offer, might sell for the right price.


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