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Skimmers (BYOP) + PM Waste Collectors


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Bring Your Own Pump!!!

Three awesome skimmer bodies for sale, without pumps. Also a neat little hang on and extra waste collector.

Just pair with your favorite needle wheel + venturi enabled pump and start removing those pesky organics.

Precision Marine Redline 225 - $80


Precision Marine ES100 with WC-410- $100

The body on this has been repaired with acrylic weldon. Was running 3 weeks ago just fine. 


Precision Marine WC610 waste collector - seems brand new. -$60


No name "DC-212" -$60

Looks like a bubble magus or seaside aquatics clone. 



Aqua Clear Aquatics -hang on back- $15

Cute little guy. Seems to be missing a small screw or clamp to hold upright. Should be able to rig something yourself, but I Might find by the time it's sold. 


Georgetown nights and weekends. Arboretum area during the weekday.

OBO, combo deals between my sale threads.

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Decided to play around with the cone skimmer a bit.

From looking at the "instructions" I figured out that it is supposed to use a DC4000 pump similar to the Jebao. ( Also found a similar model but with black trim, available in Turkey from a website that sells these things for around $375USD, about same price as they sell a reef octopus 200int) https://www.marineakvaryum.net/Reef-Royal-DC-212-Protein-Skimmer,PR-14016.html

Since I have a few Jebao pumps sitting around, I ordered a 3D printed needle/meshwheel impeller + adjustable volute venturi intake for the DC8000 I have.

Here is the skimmer after 4 days in the tub with no fish, just rocks. The pump is hooked up all janky since I was just testing it, but is only turned up around 30% power.

This thing can be a beast when paired with the right pump. If you look around online you can find a DC4000 type pump with needlewheel. Or I will sell this beast if someone wants.


Enticing? Who wants it?

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