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Parting out 20 gallon long


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Ok, so I'm getting out of the reef stuff for a while as I have been neglecting my tank more and more. Everything must go. Corals first and then everything else. If you want to buy the whole thing, make an offer.

20 gallon long + stand and cap w/ 4x24 watt HO t5s

Duncans - (2) 3 head frags

Acans - Purple 50+heads , Red/white 10 heads, Burgandy 5+heads , (orange crush echinata) 10+ heads

25+ lbs live rock

Redsea berlin skimmer w/ sedra pump

10 gal sump

Like I said, i'm sorry to say I have been neglecting the tank and the corals are starting to bleach out. I just need to get rid of them so i'm willing to make a deal.

you can view pics here, www.subcultpop.com/tanksale

I am not going to be able to check this forum much, so please use the contact info below. thanks

call me or email me.

colin - iflytoohigh_2000 @ yahoo.com

5 1 2 - 9 6 4 - 3 4 0 9

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