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Self-Filtering Vacuum Brush for Cyano/Algae


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So, I decided to build a self-filtering vacuum setup.  But not just a self-filtering setup, a vacuum that you could use on your rocks and corals for algae and mostly, Cyano Bacteria.  This is extremely crude but, it cost me a whopping $10 to make and about 30 minutes time.  I was tired of constantly wasting 20 gallons of water during vacuuming.  But, more importantly, I wanted a way to discard the cyano and other nuisance things like algae to be filtered out for good.   This filter uses a standard wool filter bag from BRS, and two pieces of 4" PVC. Easily washed out with a hose.  No screws, no glue.

The filter mechanism is sitting in my 55 gal. refug. in the garage.  I have a knockout in the wall between the garage and the reef-tank room that I run the hose from the tank to the sump.

Sorry, I'm not a video guru!  Tell me what you think?   



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