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Fully Stocked Pico Reef Aquarium


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Beautiful, well-established, fully stocked 5gal saltwater aquarium for sale

  • Buyer responsible for pick up and transport from West Austin/Lakeway area.
  • Prefer to sell tank and livestock together but will sell all livestock and live rock without hardware. 

Includes more than $500 in Hardware:

Fluval Spec V aquarium with stock lighting and 3 pumps—stock, backup and modified

  • Cobalt Neo-therm heater
  • inTank Universal Surface Skimmer
  • inTank Fluval Spec Media Basket
  • Live sand
  • Live rock
  • Test kits and water supplements

More than $500 in Livestock:

  • Randall’s shrimp
  • Barber pole shrimp goby (paired with shrimp)
  • (2) Turbo snails
  • Red brittle star
  • Bright green star polyps
  • (2) “Hollywood Stunner” chalice with green spots
  • “Miami Hurricane” chalice
  • (6) Acanthastrea (various types and colors)
  • Purple and green blastomussa
  • Two-headed frogspawn
  • Bright yellow trumpet coral with 9 heads
  • (2) Orange Ricordia
  • Green Ricordia (2 mouths)
  • Toadstool mushroom leather coral
  • (6+) Red mushroom corals
  • (3) Zoanthid covered rocks
  • Blue stripe mushroom

Asking $300 $250 $200 or best offer. LED light sold separately.


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