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Details - One of the tanks center-braces is cracked. The tank is old 15+ years. Has 3/4" glass... (probably should get resealed) has 2x corner overflows. 

It needs to be gone tomorrow! I will not be available to help, if you want you MUST have the people to help you move it. This thing weighs a lot 350+ lbs. 

Includes - Tank/Canopy (not the top part of canopy)/Stand. Must take all! 

PS: if it is not picked up tomorrow it will be taken to the dump. I wanted to allow the reefers to have a chance at getting it. So please don't say you're going to get it then not show up, because it will be taken to the dump. 

Pickup is tomorrow after 4:00 PM! 

PM me if you want it! 

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