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healthy radiata urchin

janky jameson

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i have a beautiful, healthy, young radiata urchin that i purchased from aquatek about 6 months ago. i purchased it at a very small size for my elos system 70 (about 55 gallons), hoping to be able to keep it for about a year or two until i upgraded to a bigger tank. i will not claim to have this urchin trained to hand feed, but one day i saw it at the surface of the water so i thought i'd try and give it a small piece of green marine algae. it took it immediately. the next day, as soon as the light came on, there it was, right at the surface. i gave it another piece. it cruises all over the tank now, in fact it is VERY active (a little too much for how many frags i have), and it comes to the surface at least once or twice a day, seemingly to feed. i'm not sure if this is why it comes to the surface, maybe it's just exploring all of the territory and i happen to see it there frequently. but i literally see it there every single day, and it eats a nice big piece of seaweed out of my hand everyday. sometimes i roll a little krill or mysis into the seaweed too and it loves it (they are one of the few urchins that, though primarily herbivorous, appreciate a small meaty offering every now and then). so needless to say, it is very easy to keep fed. but being that it eats so much, it is growing VERY FAST. way too fast for this tank. it needs a BIG reef tank, and a very clean home, because i keep very high water quality.

the good thing about this urchin is that it has already survived shipment, which is the most stressful part of its "hobby" life it will ever have to endure. it is in very good condition in a very healthy tank, just growing way too fast. i'll sell him for a very good price, under 50, or take a trade. as long as i know it's going to a good home....i'm really attached to this urchin, hahaha....i've been hand feeding it every day for like 6 months. any takers? and by the way, if you've never seen one of these urchins, look them up. they are absolutely beautiful, and their behavior is amazing to watch.

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