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angler fish plush toy, inside out anatomy


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I hope some of you find this as interesting and funny as I did -
Morris the reversible (plush) angler fish

I want Morris the reversible angler fish to make it on kickstarter (so that I can get my 2 anglers); aside from that I have no financial interest in this project or anything like that.


Ok, ok, so I have interests just a tiny bit broader than lettuce slugs and bryopsis


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Weird and slightly disturbing. Think about that. She did an experiment in texture exploration. And came up with the idea to do so with an Angler Fish... that turns inside out. Why??? How do you even come up with that idea? And the name, I have so many questions. Nevermind, so people like it. Instead of getting a loan like normal people she came up with the brilliant idea to collect pledges in order to fund her new business. This woman is smart and weird. And she dubbed her own video... I need to meet this person.

And buy a Morris.

from me

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