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Complete 90 Gallon Drilled - $750 OBO


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90 Gallon Drilled Marine Saltwater Aquarium

90 gallon aquarium with integrated overflow with 1 drain and 1 return (includes loc-line splitter)
Custom solid wood stand with two raised panel front doors and a door on each side for easy accessibility
6 T5 lights with LED (not sure if the LEDs work I haven't been using them)
Custom plexiglas lids to reduce evaporation
2 koralia evolution 1150 re circulation pumps
Eshopps sump rated up to 200 gallons
AquaC EV-120 skimmer
Aqua C 5 liter auto waste collector
Mag Drive7 pump for skimmer
Quiet One 3000 return pump
Customer LED sump light
Two power strips with independent switches for each outlet for ease of maintenance
Timer for overhead lights
Timer for sump lights
Ground rod for safety
All maintenance and chemicals I have accumulated over the past 10 years

1 yellow tang
1 maroon and yellow clown
1 pink spotted goby
1 Bubble tip anemone
Various snails and crabs
Unknown amount of live rock (but there is a lot of it)
Various coral (see photos)

The last picture is the most recent, i had a temperature issue (due to my ac going out) and the anemone lost its color but is recovering. It has since split as well.

I'm located in Round Rock by Ikea.












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I was asking $1500 OBO but I just dropped the price to $1250 OBO. Moving requires a truck, friend or two, and a lot of 5 gallon buckets or 27 gallon totes available from Home Depot or Lowes. I have moved a number of tanks over the years and can help you pack it up if you decide to buy it.

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