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Used 29Gal Biocube Tank and Stand - $100


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This is Biocube tank that I have used at a secondary tank for problem fish or quarantine. It is 5yrs old and has a few scratches and obviously doesnt look perfect but it is still a decent tank. It is currently running and has coralline algae growing on the back wall. If you want it for marine use you may want that there still or I can soak it all in some Vinegar for a fresh start.
I also dont have the pins for the top any longer. I had a Radion mounted above it for a long time and managed to lose the pins. I also have a clear plexiglass path diverter and macroalgae holder for the back refugium area and a magnetic LED light for the back area that has grown some really good Chaeto.
I did put some LED lights in place of the original lights and they are great for most uses. Not sure I would count on them for SPS though.

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