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Tank of the Month NOVEMBER Vote Now


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Tank of the Month for November will be up to all! Vote for one of these two tanks by commenting below. You will have till the end of November to vote.

Remember the winner will be receiving a $50 gift certificate! Email your tank pics along with a description and how long it has been running at [email protected] so I can choose based on growth.

Both of these tanks have been running for about 6 months from when they submitted.

120g 48x24x24
lifeteef skimmer
3 x AI Hydra 52s
Run a ReefAngel controller


150g acrylic with a 40b sump
korallin calcium reactor
reef octopus Diablo skimmer
reef octopus bio pellet reactor
Lighting is 3 marsaqua 165w led
Mixed reef with more acro than anything

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