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50gal CADLights Artisan II, Apex Gold- $1300 Reduced- SOLD


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All hardware listed below was purchased new a year ago back in mid August of 2015. Everything is in great shape. Just cleaned the sump and installed a new Tunze 1073 Silent return pump. You will find this setup to be in almost new condition. Livestock wise only one large Tomato Clown, some coral frags and 75lb of Fiji live rock will be included. I'm not a fan of the picture quality, best to see in person. Priced to sell if taken as a complete package - $1300. RO/DI removed from previous ad.

Main Components -

50 Gallon Cad Lights Artisan II (Starphire/Low Iron Glass) w Stand (black)

AI Hydra

AI EXT Tank Mount for LED Fixture w 48” Black Mounting Bar

AI EXT Rail 12” Black

Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40 Wireless w Quite Drive

Precision Marine RL100 Protein Skimmer

Tunze Silence 1073 Return Pump (just purchased 8/27/16 New)

AquaUV 8w UV Sterilizer

Twin 120mm Ball Bearing Variable Speed Case Fans (controlled by second apex temp probe- Intake/Exhaust Fan) - these rarely kick on. Only in the event the cabinet temperature exceeds 81 degrees, otherwise they stay off.

ATO Reservoir- 15 Gallon Horizontal Leg Tank- AceRoto Mold NSF/AINSI 61 Certified

ATO Reservoir Pump - Tunze Silence1073.008 (just purchased 9/14/16)

Neptune Components -

Apex Gold w Lab Grade PH Probe

ORP and Salinity Probe

Second Temperature Probe (controls cabinet fans)

Breakout Box

Float Switch Kit

Magnetic Probe Rack

Advanced Leak Detection Module

Solid Surface Leak Detection Probe

Ecotech Marine Wireless Expansion Module (for MP40)

AI Wireless Expansion Module (for AI Hydra)


Red Sea Refractometer

Red Sea Pro Test Kit

Sorry if the pictures are not coming through right, the rotation is wrong on some of them and I'm having trouble fixing it. Message or text w any questions (five-one-two -- eight-four-five--five-one-eight-nine).




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