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Looking for Livestock


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Hi I moved here recently and need to restock my tank. I have a 90 gallon that's been cycling for several months and want to start to fill. Most interested in:

-Euphyllia (hammer, torch, frog)

-Most coral with movement


-Mature live rock and inverts.

I'd love a bulk buy since I live out of town. I have equipment to trade too if interested.


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Here's what I have. PM me if you're interested.

ORA Tricolor Valida, 1" frag and full colony

ORA Lantana Montipora, 1" frag

ORA Green Pocillopora, full colony

Australian Ultra Acans, 4 colors, 5-15 heads

Tawain Zoas, blue mount, green face, red skirt

Australian favia, pink/red

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