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Fully Cured Tukani, Tonga Branch, and Plate Live Rock FS


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I have finished my aquascape and have some leftover live rock.


There are several medium-small pieces of Tukani Live Rock.

2 baskets full of Tukani Rubble

5-6 pieces of Shelf Rock


Several small/medium Tonga Branches.

If you have been keeping up with my build you would know I spent several hours on different occasions over the last few months scrubbing, inspecting, and doing water changes to fully cure this rock.

The Tukani and Tonga Branch Rock was $3.60 a lb prior to the cure.

The BRS Dry Shelf Rock was 3$ a lb prior to acid bathing and curing.

5$ per lb, or 4$ a lb for all of it.

I don't know how many lbs it is. I would guess 50-60 lbs.

Completely void of pests and hitch hikers.

No low ball offers.

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