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how to drill a glass?


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I got two different diamond hole bits, 1.5 and .750.

What kinds of drill? I have Sears craftsman 3/8 proffessional drill corded. That is a right kinds of drill that can drill a hole?

Do I need to drill vertical or a little slight angle to drill first then move to vertical drill?

also add water to keep cool to prevent crack the glass.

3 inch from the edge of glass to center of where the hole will be? that is safe to drill?

maybe I should drawing the plan and post this to check if its good to go

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I just drilled 2 holes for my tank. You can make a dam with plumber's putty around the area you want to drill. Then I used olive oil, but you can use vegetable oil as well to keep it cool. Then use whatever drill you want just go slowly. Drill vertically. Let the bit do the work and don't push too much. It will go pretty quickly.

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