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Rainbow Stylo and other Frags for Sale


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Hey friends,

Have some corals to move out of the tank. They are very healthy and colorful. Thanks for looking! rock.gif

Rainbow Stylo Frag $30 SOLD!

Very colorful, usually runs for about $50 online. Colony not for sale.

post-1341-0-63005100-1471814837_thumb.jp post-1341-0-54347300-1471814832_thumb.jp

Mike Paletta Blue Acro Mini Colony $30

Beautiful baby blue color. Nice sized mini colony. Mounted on a frag disk.


Orange Setosa Frag $10 SOLD!

Colorful and cool



Marshall Islands Montipora Lantana Frag $20

Very nice orange body with blue polyps. Large multi branch frag.

Pictured above. Far left, back row

Small Green Torch Frag $10

Awesome green body with green tips. 1 head.

Pictured above. Middle, back row

Frogspawn Frag $20 SOLD!

Green body with Purple tips. 2 large heads.

Pictured above. Far right, back row

Long Polyp Leather frag $10 SOLD!

Nice for beginning reefer

Pictured above. Far right, front row

Located in Northwest Austin. Cash or Paypal accepted.

Thanks! Roland crab.gif

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