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55g long complete set up

wesley Daniels

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I am selling this complete set up 650 comes with the following .( Live rock and corals Not included)

Located in cedar park call or text 8184723421

55g tank



48inch current marine LED strip (comes with timing module and remote)


Overflow box

Hang on the back skimmer

Phosphate reactor

2 power heads

15g sump

Return pump 643ca6047080a29fd9e57e98360d4289.jpg67bc1721068c23b74662bb6047c7ce17.jpg9c83cc84f3eeb2d93ecb2287c5e39b5c.jpg951213bcddd945b34759c465aaac4edb.jpg8c11ca91aee254c3c039a2df61ea7cea.jpg329df64a4c517ddd89d6367ac390a3a3.jpg1bf953a8d657feb6d3462efdec5149c2.jpg

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