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Cheap frags

wesley Daniels

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I have a ton of frags left ready to sell

located in cedar park call or text 8184723421

GSP $10 per frag

GSP colony $75

Mushrooms $5-$15 per frag

Zoa $5-$15 per frag

Sps $25 per frag

Birds nest $10 per frag

Candy cane/ trumpet coral $5 per head

Leathers $10 per fragpost-4098-147058530249_thumb.jpg3c6d697b0ef219f52cfb857ec1a40f59.jpg5b4d004aab21836c2ba4cfa512d44f7a.jpg00c01c633cf634a21230b7c56f83ab3a.jpg290eaa3af5912a1e11008c588bd8df73.jpg80a6b0e8470d051857b28338fada00b7.jpg0baae41f2517dd87c42a75cf0f937e7d.jpg07b8848225a4cc45cdd3688bcb0ebe76.jpg686e7a2971bf519ef7b66f39756032a1.jpg7cee62627ef35296503a46c0da121c64.jpg40200e17d7638d2637f46c6e93ea3497.jpg

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