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RCA First Friday After Hours Sale August 5th!

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Last Friday sale of the summer. New livestock landing Thursday including marine fish, coral frags, plecos, and more. Cool off with free cold refreshments and take advantage of 20% off all livestock.

With C4 just around the corner, this is a great time to buy those hidden gems to frag for Austin's own reef convention. Visit the site and spread the word!

Pics of new livestock coming soon, check back.

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Some items that just arrived Thursday...

Flame Angels
Lemonpeel Angel
Tonga Coral Beauty Angels
Pascualus Anthias
Black Back Butterfly (big 'un)
Copperband Butterfly
Bundoon Blennies
Starry Blennies
Yellow Canary Blennies
Yellow Clown Gobies
Lubbocks Fairy Wrasses
Valentine Puffers
Green Chromis
Diamond Sleeper Gobies
Clown Trigger ~4"
Yellow Watchman Gobies
Foxface Rabbits
Green Banded Gobies
Green Mandarin Gobies
Banded Pipefish
Royal Grammas
Spanish Hog
Porcupine Puffer
Atlantic Pygmy Angels
Astrea Snails
Banded Serpent Stars
Caribbean Stars
Peppermint Shrimp
Candystripe Pistol Shrimp
Sea Hares
Orange Ricordea Floridas
Red Flower Anemones
Green Flower Anemones
Pincushion Urchins
Green Emerald Crabs
Blue Leg Hermits
Ninja Astrea Snails
Flame Scallops
Blue Zoas
Acro Colonies
Acro Frags

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