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Hi Everyone,

Long story short my sister in-law purchased my old 140 acrylic. It has been moved and set up and we've been working on the plumbing. It's been quite a few late nights, but basically she's trying to get it setup as a surprise for her husband before he gets home from a work trip tomorrow morning. The drain and emergency drain a plumbed. The issue we've run into is the return line. The bulk head was leaking. She picked up a new one from Timfish to replace it, but I can't get down there until Saturday at the earliest to finish the plumbing. She's located in Georgetown off of 130 and 29. If anyone is in that area and is up for tackling a plumbing project I'm sure it would be appreciated and we could work out some form of monetary compensation. Please PM me if you're available tonight. If not, it's no big deal and I can knock it out on Saturday.


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