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Hawaiian Black Sand ~80#


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Hawaiian black sand.


Came with my tank, but I decided to go with white.

I cleaned it really well and tried to get out as many shells and such as I could, but could use a little more sifting to get super clean. It's been sitting in the garage for over a year. No longer live sand. No stink/smell to it at all.

Not sure exactly how much is here, but it covered a 60x32 area from my tank. I'm guessing at least 80#

$25 if you bring your own buckets to transfer, probably need 3 or 4 depending on how heavy you want them, or $40 if you want my awesome 27gal black storage tubs (with yellow lids $12 from home depot) with it.

I would suggest another good rinse or two before using.

Pick up Georgetown this weekend, evenings during the week, or next weekend.

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