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140 gallon acrylic, stand, custom sump, and return pump


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Asking $1000

140 T (60L x 18 W x 30H)


Custom sump with skimmer compartment and refugium

Iwaki Mag drive WMD-30RLXT external pump

picture provided in next post

Hi everybody,

I'm upgrading to a new system in July (mid to end) as we remodel the home we purchased. The tank is already ordered and I'll be setting up QT tanks as soon at the flooring and paint go into the new house. Which will leave me with one very nice 140 gallon acrylic tank that I need to sell :)

Like most used acrylics it has some minor scratches around the level of the sand bed. Nothing that can't be buffed out with plastex. I purchased this second hand from the gentleman who had it custom built and had no issues buffing out the prior scratches. If you're not sure how I'd be happy to point you in the direction of some awesome articles and videos.

The sump is a previous wet/dry acrylic sump that has been given baffles and modified to have a skimmer compartment, refugium, bubble trap and a return. It's currently running an external Iwaki Mag Drive WMD-30RLXT.

You're welcome to the canopy as well, but it's wall mounted and you'll likely want something new.

A comparable aquarium, stand, sump, and pump new is over $2400.

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