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125 gallon system - SOLD


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Beautiful 125 gallon reef ready aquarium. Tank has blue background, cherry wood stand and all equipment listed below:

*Lifeguard Aquatics 4000 Pro Series pump

*70" Green Element EVO Quad light - includes 2 timer modules

*20 gallon 3-stage dump w/automatic refill/top-off and water level sensor

*9 LED sump light (www.ecoxotic.com

*2 VorTech MP40w programmable power heads (http://ecotechmarine.com)

*Reef Octopus NW-150-6530B protein skimmer

*Eheim Jäger 3619090 heater

* Innovtive Marine 300W MiniMax Phosphate reactor

*CyberPower 850va AVR AC battery backup

*SpectraPure R/O water filter, model MC-RODI-90-10-AF

*plastic screen lids

*extra pump, power head and long hose for water changes + 5 gallon water jugs and 30 gallon tub for mixing salt water

$1600 OBO

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