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All my coral for sale

wesley Daniels

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I am buying a new car and will be selling all my coral to put towards that purchase. I will be keeping all my fish and live rock so if your in need of some coral to fill out your tank let me know. I will be posting the prices shortly located in cedar park.

Miami hurricane chalice $125

Zoas $15-$35

Screaming birdsnest $25

Light Blue tip SPS $25

Neon pink setosa $25

Frogspawn colony $65

Cinnamon grandis mushroom $45

Bubble coral $45- SOLD

Neon green Torch coral $25

Neon green plate coral $55

3 head neon green torch $65

Neon green Torch coral $25

Bi color hammer $65

Candy cane colony $55

Pink tip torch $35 -SOLD

Palys and GSP $15 a frag

3 Superman mushrooms $45. -pending

Green mushrooms $15 each

Acans $15-$35 per frag

Bonsai colony SPS $65

Neon green leather $40

Bonsai frags $15-$35

Rose Sherman nems $85 each

RBTA $85 each

Finger leathers $10 each


Text for quickest response 818-472-3421.

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