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glass greenhouse


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Just want what I got in it for time and material. $1500. Needs a couple pieces of glass installed and siding on the non glass portions. It measures about 8.5'x9'. I have a few pieces of glass that I can send with it. It was designed to be somewhat simple to take down and rebuild.post-1446-0-90428100-1455733247_thumb.jppost-1446-0-83954300-1455733256_thumb.jppost-1446-0-47649400-1455733264_thumb.jppost-1446-0-49786000-1455733271_thumb.jppost-1446-0-18873300-1455733276_thumb.jppost-1446-0-06780300-1455733282_thumb.jppost-1446-0-00338600-1455733287_thumb.jp

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