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75 gallon complete system

wesley Daniels

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So I have a 75 gallon system that I will be selling soon once my 125g is fully cycled which should be within a week so checking interest I will be keeping all my coral and fish which will go in the 125g the system will come with the following

-75g tank and stand

-Esshops hang on the back overflow box

-Ev 180 protein skimmer with pump ( this

thing kicks butt I could not fit in new stand that's why I am leaving with old set up)

-20g sump

- all the plumbing hooked up

-80 pounds of live rock

-48 inch aquatic life T5 6 bulb set up ( all the light bulbs were just replaced 2 months ago so still pretty new)

This system is running right now so if you want to see it in person text me at 818-472-3421 I am in cedar park I'll prob sell for $750 these pics were taken today


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