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Live Rock For Sale


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Hi y'all!

I recently moved apartments and sadly I was not able to move my beautiful 120 gallon reef tank. I was able to sell all of my livestock to a local fish store, but not all of my live rock. At the moment I have the rock in big containers with pumps and heaters, and it's still live. I would really want to get it all out so I don't run the risk of it dying. I am willing to sell the rock at $2 per lb. I'll attach some pictures showing a couple of pieces, but have about 100 lb of it. Let me know if you have any questions.post-2768-0-07258500-1454887285_thumb.jppost-2768-0-73152700-1454887290_thumb.jppost-2768-0-41950000-1454887299_thumb.jppost-2768-0-80139700-1454887305_thumb.jp

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