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Post-Christmas getting out sale (tank, lighting, Ca Rx)


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All prices are negotiable. I simply need to move this stuff.

The tank is a 140-gal tall, 60L x 28H x 18D, and with stand and hood is about 78" tall. There's a corner overflow box, and it's plumbed for a closed loop system as well. (The closed loop ran on a Reeflo Dart before the pump died). It's missing one of the CL outputs, and there's a very small crack on the front left corner that weeps ever so slightly (see pics). Now that the tank's dry, the crack should be easy to patch.

The tank also has a 75-gal sump (see pic), which has a hanging skimmer chamber and a 10-gal overflow on one half and a dedicated refugium on the other. The refugium has about 30 lbs of live rock as well.

Tank + sump $300

post-827-0-04399800-1453743328_thumb.jpg post-827-0-21655800-1453743331_thumb.jpg post-827-0-04250600-1453743330_thumb.jpg

The light rig is a 48" Odyssea MH +T5 rig, with upgraded 250W Vertex ballasts. Only three of the four T5 sockets work (maybe a simple wiring fix that I don't have the skill for?). All bulbs need to be replaced, but purchase includes two NIB Ushio 14k DE MH bulbs.

Light rig $100


The calcium reactor is a Knop C with a Milwaukee pH monitor and 5lb CO2 tank. The reactor needs a new feed pump (used to run an Aqualifter until it died). The pH meter will need to be recalibrated and possibly have the probe replaced.

Calcium reactor $75

post-827-0-73872900-1453743592_thumb.jpg post-827-0-89203100-1453743595_thumb.jpg post-827-0-48532500-1453743594_thumb.jpg

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