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Parting out 50g cube


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SCA 50g star fire cube - $400

Purchased package from amazon and originally set up appx Nov 2014. I paid appx $670. Includes tank, stand, glass sump, SCA-301 skimmer and Atmen PH3000 return pump.

http://SCA 50 Gallon Starfire Glass Aquarium

There are some fine scratches on the glass from a cleaning pad I had used but they're pretty much invisible when it's full.

I did my own plumbing. You can see pics in another sale thread (accidentally wiped my sd card with all the pics)


MP10W, manuf date 2/12/14 - $125 - SOLD

Radion XR15Pro and RMS tank mount, purchased from BRS in Aug 2015 and used until I transferred the corals / fish to my new tank in Sept. New they're $448, selling for $400

Still willing to sell complete for $700.

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