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Please help- we need to move a 4ft. tank this weekend.


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Sorry i won't be able to help with the move but the times I have moved my 75 and 90 gallon tanks I went to Lowes and picked up a couple brute trash cans with lids, 50' garden hose, and a flat furniture dolly. I connected the hose to a pump and pumped the tank water to the trash cans sitting in the bed of my truck. Then used the dolly to move the tank onto a trailer I had. I put the rock and sand in buckets and totes I already had. Once to the new location I set it all up how I wanted and tossed the pump in to the trash can and lifted the water back to my tank from the driveway. It was pretty simple and I saved a bunch of water (some was spilt during the commute) with little lifting or shrugging buckets. After the move I rinsed and dried the trash cans and returned them to the store, there was no damage so no questions asked.

Good luck with the move.

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