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A few SPS and EEL


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Blue milli frag. three 1" branches $15

Mother Colony:




Acan 15+ heads $40


Monti colony $40 (possibly undata) 4"x6" Has browned out recently do to poor water conditions but will color back up.

pic from a few months back:




Rose bubble anemone. 5" to 6" base when fully open. $100 Comes on nice piece of established live rock. It's the one if front in this picture. Note the mother Anemone in the back.


golden dwarf eel (Gymnothorax melatremus) $150. Approximately 8" and fully grown. Eats silversides, krill, clam's on the halfshell, shrimp. Has left all my fish alone, even small clowns. It's way cool but is very reclusive in my tank. I think it would be a better addition to a smaller tank without so many fish.



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I have had the eel since March 2nd 08. I've never seen it even explore the top of the aquarium. I think once they find their home (and are well fed) they tend to stay put. From what I've read the first few days is the time of highest escape risk. It's currently in my 125 that has a euro brace, Canopy on top, but back side is completely open.

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The anemone for sale has split, so I will split the price. $50 for 3" RBTA on a nice piece of live rock.

Acan, Monti, Anem, and Eel are all still available. Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

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