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Blueline/Panworld 70HD return pump $150


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original pump that shipped with my Lifereef sump. This was way overkill for my system and too loud under my cabinet, but they are known the be reliable. This is a 1750 GPH pump with a max head of 39'. This pump is best suited for a remote sump (garage, basement), where you dont mind the sound.

It was on my tank for about a week before I swapped it out for a Reeflo Dart, a far quieter, low pressure pump.

New, these are about $275. Its just going to gather dust in my attic. If you building or have a sump in your garage, it would be a great pump for a fair price. $150 or best offer. Or swap for another Reeflo Dart/Snapper - to keep as a more appropriate spare.

512-789-8145 -

I35/1431 area (Mayfield Ranch)

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