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Parting out 40 gallon reef


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Ive had the best luck with this tank but with my 400 back up I dont need the additional maitenence.

40 gallon breeder tank drilled w/ corner overflow + pseudo -durso standpipe. also includes canopy and stand skin that fits around the 2x4 stand - 170$

tank L 36 x H 16 x w 18

stand 27" tall

canpoy 12 " tall

20 gallon refugium + light - will include macro - 20$

250 W SE MH ballast, bulb, mogul, reflector - magnetic ballast, 14K reeflux bulb w/ 3 months use - 75$

HUGE green carpet anenome w/ breeding pair clarkii clowns - carpet is 15- 20" across depending on last feeding. clowns are 3.5 and 4+ inches long and FAT! - 100$

peristaltic dosing pump + make up water jug - 50$

hagen 802 powerhead - 3/4 encrusted w/ yellow sponge and encrusting gorgonia - 20$

fiji branch rock 80% encrusted w/ encrusting gorgoina - several pieces 10 -15$ each

large brain coral ske;leton covered w/ greenish centered palythoas - 20$

magfloat floating cleaning magnet - 8$

Prices are OBO and of course I will sell the whole thing as a package for a discount. Also the fish and anenome have to find a new home before I start selling off the equipment. PM me with any questions...

thanks --Erik






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I still have a complete tank minus the lights + Im going on vacation this Saturday so for the next 2 days I'll sell the whole setup for 200$. After that I'll break it down and store it until it sells or gets set back up.

Tank, stand, canopy, main pump, few powerheads, fuge/sump, heater, dosing pump. Live sand, few pieces of rock, paly polyp rock, some encrusting gorgonia rocks, macro --> all for 200$$!!!!

Erik 659-4685

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