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moving sale corals


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I Will be moving in about 1 month or so

Need to sell ..

I'm posting as much pics as I can but I do have much more for sale.

First come first serve

The rest will be going TO LFS

1 acans 40$

1 elegance corals 60$ each

Over 100 ricordeas mushroom

Yellow yuma mushroom more you buy better deal you get....

many zoas colony 10$ to 40$ depending on size

Supermen mushrooms colony of 4mushrooms 20 $

Sponge orange 15$

Bright yellow candy canes colony 40$

Six line wrasse 10$

1 watchman goby 10$

Over 100 lbs premium live rock covered in purple coralline.

Other corals just too much to list

Like I said first come first serve

Everything else to LFS

MUCH more than just what in the pics










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Interested in the six line, some snails and anything else you may have left. I sent you a text to the number I had for you in April when I purchased the anemone and other corals. If that number isn't working let me know how to contact you.


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