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All pieces sold!


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Well, I have decided to get out of picos and upsize, so I am selling my pico stuff to help finance a larger aquarium setup. Prices below are for individual pieces.

PicoAquariums 5 gallon AIO Pico tank, 138 gph return pump, 3 chambers (skimmer, mech filtration, pump/heater), $50 SOLD


Nanobox Mini v3 LED light with Bluefish mini controller & case, about 6 months old, $200 SOLD


AutoAqua Smart ATO, also about 6 months old, $85 SOLD


Coral Complsion 18k PAR30 bulb with 90 degree optics, 60 and 120 degree optics should be in the box. Never opened, $55 SOLD


Pico Skimmer with Whisper 20 pump and a Mame wood airstone, about 6 months old but only used for a few weeks, original airstone should have plenty of life left. I also made it so that the output hose sends the skimmate to a 16oz soda bottle, when full, just remove full bottle, cap it, and screw on another bottle, or you can change to something else. Including an extra Mame airstone, $50. SOLD


Fauna Marin Medium LPS pellets, never opened, $25 SOLD


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