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First Friday After Hours Sale September 4th!

Jake@River City

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Great new livestock landing this week. Nice selection of freshwater expected. Tanganyikan cichlids, nice batch of angels, African oddballs and Synodontis catfish. Saltwater side has fish landing Tuesday through Thursday, new premium choice frags, and tons of cool inverts.

We will be posting pics daily so be sure to check back often!

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Some of the arrivals this week...

Bicolor Angels

Red Sea Regal Angel
Lawnmower Blennies
Lyretail Anthias
Yellow Tangs
Yellow Eye Kole Tangs
Convict Tang
Yellow Watchman Gobies
Firefish Gobies
Copperband Butterflies
Strawberry Pseudochromis
Fairy Wrasses (asst)
Flame Angels
Neon Gobies
Premium Picasso Clowns
Premium Snowflake Clowns
Black Ocellaris Clowns
Maroon Clowns
Ocellaris Clowns
Percula Clowns
Flame Scallops
Tiger Pistol Shrimp
Pink Margarita Snails
Nerite Snails
Sally Lightfoot Crabs
Banded Serpent Stars
Tonga Nassarius Snails
Coral Banded Shrimp
Pagoda Cup Corals
Mangrove Pods
Neon Green Bubbletip Anemones
Aquacultured Acros

Naokos Fairy Wrasse
Fuzzy Dwarf Lions
Dragon Sleeper Gobies
Powder Blue Tang
High Fin Gobies
Yellow Clown Gobies
Lamarck Angels
Bali Red Cardinals
Spotted Hawks
Imperator Angel (juvie)
Aiptasia Eating Filefish
Banded Catshark Eggs
Halloween Urchins
Blue Linkia Stars

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